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Ventas de supermercados en el Perú bordearían los US$3.770M este año

Dicha cifra corresponde a un crecimiento de 10% respecto al 2012, proyectó el banco Scotiabank. Esta evolución positiva estaría sustentada en el aumento de la penetración de las cadenas de supermercados, con nuevas tiendas en Lima y provincias.

I second that emotion

Based on his presentation at the 2013 IFST Professional Food Sensory Conference, David Penn explores the current state of play in the emotions research scene - what works, what doesn't and what the future might bring.

Samsung volvió a destronar a Apple

El 25.47% del total del tráfico a la web se hace desde dispositivos de la firma surcoreana, mientras que los del gigante de la manzana tienen el 25.09%.

Is Surveying Obsolete?

Harvard and Wharton seem to think so, as do a growing number of leading consumer brands.

The Power of Rituals in Life, Death, and Business

Experimental research by Michael I. Norton, Francesca Gino, and colleagues proves multiple benefits of using rituals. Not only do they have the power to alleviate grief, but they also serve to enhance the experience of consuming food—even something as mundane as a carrot.

Surprise Is Still the Most Powerful Marketing Tool

"Big Data" is the latest buzzword in our industry. Data-rich practices such as econometric modeling, analytics and copy-testing offer brand managers an alluring promise of precision and predictability. Pull lever X, out will pop Y as a result. All this is good — mostly. These tools can certainly make our profession more efficient. But they also can make brands less exciting and surprising.

How to use marketing research to defend your brand

With a crowded and noisy consumer landscape, a marketer's and researcher's attention is often divided between various growth opportunities and communication channels. However, something that marketers and marketing researchers often don't spend enough time thinking about is defending their brand and position in the marketplace.

¿Qué Pasará Cuando Walmart Llegue Al Perú?

La última semana de junio se soltó en las agencias de noticias algo que hasta hace unos años parecía ser solo un rumor: el ingreso, al fin, de la multinacional de minoristas estadounidense, Walmart. Un gigante cuyo ingreso significaría una total revolución en el sector retail de la capital y que, sin duda, como los sismos, no sabemos cuándo llegará todavía, pero de que va a llegar es algo inexorable, y pondrá a temblar a las grandes cadenas de supermercados.

Millennials Will Disrupt Consumer Research. Here's How…

During the last few decades marketers have grown comfortable with research methodologies that are not designed to fully engage the onslaught of Millennial consumers who will become their new target.

Real-Time Marketing: Engage Prospects in the Heat of the Moment

By now, Oreo's brilliantly timed "Dunk in the Dark" tweet during the Super Bowl blackout has been hammered into marketers' heads as the epitome of real-time marketing, calling for brand teams everywhere to operate like agile, newsroom staff. B-to-B marketers, while slower to pick up on the time-sensitive communications trend, are starting to catch on.